By Mark Chussil and Benjamin Gilad
As published on
HBR Ascend.

Dear Millennial,

Your career is brand new, or at least new-ish. If you haven’t already, you may soon choose whether you want to become a manager or a maverick.

Being a manager is an honourable job. You can rise through the ranks and execute your ever-growing responsibilities with distinction. Your business trips will become longer-distance and more exotic; your expense account will expand; you will upgrade from cheap motels to business hotels, then from standard rooms to the club floor. You will not have guaranteed lifetime employment — no one does — but you will enjoy as much job security as an employee can reasonably hope.

Becoming a manager is simple. In a way, it is the default option. Usually, if you work competently and amicably in a company, you can become a manager.

Or, you could become a maverick…