The book that rescued corporate America

Wall Street Times, March 2023

We should have stopped those American CEOs from reading TNEM.

Xi Jinping III, in his resignation letter to the Chinese Politburo, 2050

In a world where hype rules supreme, we are the rebels.

Ben and Mark, over lunch

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The book that rescued corporate America

Wall Street Times, March 2023

We should have stopped those American CEOs from reading TNEM.

Xi Jinping III, in his resignation letter to the Chinese Politburo, 2050

In a world where hype rules supreme, we are the rebels.

Ben and Mark, over lunch

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Radical honesty about that ‘dream job’ you were promised, the fulfilling career you were hoped for, and why Corporate is nothing like that.

Not your Dad’s or Mom’s employee manual.

You owe it to yourself! With interest and bank fees, it comes to exactly $21.99. Plus shipping.



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Our book is about dysfunctions that prevent companies, even the biggest and best-known, from competing effectively.

It takes nerve to call powerful icons to task for their lackluster skill at competing. You may hesitate to believe us. We don’t blame you. We congratulate you, in fact. Skepticism is a sign of intelligence.

You may ask: “Who are you, Ben and Mark, to question the almighty Corporate?” We’re glad you asked. We offer our simple track records.

Since the early 80’s, each of us has run business war games for the almighty Corporate on six continents in every major industry. War games are strategy pressure-test sweatshops. We bring people from different functions and different seniority levels together to look at their strategy options, reckon with other players’ actions and reactions, and anticipate big-picture changes in the market. The intensity and depth of war games allow us to “vet” a company’s competitive thinking and overall skill of competing in a very short time.

Our claims about dysfunctions come from our case studies and stories in hundreds of war games, buttressed with publicly available information. We expose the icebergs that sink corporate Titanics. Our next book may be a compilation of more dysfunctions based on your feedback, stories, and anonymous tips. Keep those cards and letters coming!

Who will benefit from our book?


Corporate with a capital-C is a subset of companies where the culture stifles the skill of competing. But even in Corporate companies we find individuals we call “mavericks.”

Mavericks think differently but are often ignored. These frustrated, stifled, unconventional thinkers yearning to be free will find our book a good substitute for a support group. You are not insane. You are not alone. You might actually be your company’s best hope for future prosperity.

From Thiery Philandrau, Senior Vice-President and Head of Nutrition SBU, Societé des Produits Nestlé SA:

If you like empty corporate slogans, PowerPoint templates, and boring compliance committees, this book is NOT for you. If you are obsessed by external competition, love true strategy debates, and are always ready to speak up when it matters, this book might become your survival kit to corporate BS. Vive la difference!


New graduates eager to nail that “dream job” at one of the famous icons believe their visionary bosses will embrace their fresh thinking with open arms. Yes, there are probably a few thousand jobs like that out there. Mind you, though, that Gary Hamel and Michele Zanini say there are 24,000,000 jobs where you carry out mind-numbing bureaucratic tasks.

We teach you how to spot the bad bosses and the cubicle-prison jobs before you take the job, and how to survive if you are already trapped there by the great health-care benefits.

From Victoria Freitag:

As a young millennial woman, I face an uphill battle to create change in my work environment. Mark and Ben’s book provides sage advice so I can be heard and challenge existing practices while avoiding a forced exit. Recent graduates and young professionals can benefit greatly from The NEW Employee Manual. I know I will!


Those executives who fear activist investors, worry about fast-moving competitors, and want to reignite the skill of competing in their companies will find our book irritating, enlightening, and a call to action.

Those executives who understand the ultimate success of their strategies don’t depend solely on their moves but must reckon with the moves of others in the marketplace will gain new insight into how to cultivate a true competitive culture.

Those executives who believe thinking about how to compete is necessary to prosper into the 22nd century will feel their courage and wisdom affirmed by our book.

From Susan DeVore, Premier Inc.’s CEO:

This work of art and science is a must read for seasoned executives and millennials alike. It simultaneously insulted me, made me laugh out loud, and made me agree and disagree with myself. Most importantly, it made me really think about leadership, strategy, corporate decision making and culture differently.


Ben is a former strategy professor at Rutgers University. Mark is a current adjunct instructor at the University of Portland. We are both educators at heart, and we both understand the importance of broad academic education to prepare the next generation for productive careers.

Those who want to prepare students for the real world, though, need to do more than give them analytical tools. They need to give them resilience and courage. Also, our book will keep students from dozing off during homework.

From Jon Down, Associate Professor, Strategy & Entrepreneurship, at the University of Portland:

Hilarious, sharp and insightful. Ben and Mark deliver on the promise of giving us a spot-on understanding of the realities of today’s corporate world. I have found new required reading for my graduate students.

Human Resource Executives

Those in charge of developing people who not only know about the business (the standard curriculum) but also can decipher where competitors are doing better may appreciate our potential cures for Corporate malaise.

Those interested in getting involved with the strategy-making process in their organization should read our book to see how excellent strategy requires the right people working in a safe environment, and how HR can help.

Those in charge of recruiting “talent”, and who believe that talent is not just technical skill, should find validation, comfort, and joy in our perspective on mavericks in organizations.

From Micah Zenko, Director of Research and Learning, McChrystal Group; author of Red Team: How to Succeed by Thinking Like the Enemy:

Gilad and Chussil provide guidance for the newly-minted MBA to the wizened middle manager for how to become and remain a maverick. They do this by demonstrating that many of the slogans espoused by mythologized corporate titans and exalted business scholars are either false or irrelevant to what front-line leaders and employees experience each day. The constant challenge is to question assumptions and think critically, while also being a supportive contributor to the organization. With references to pop culture and management scholarship, Gilad and Chussil have written the rare business book that is highly-readable, actually funny, and practically useful.


From Phil Rosenzweig, Professor at IMD, Lausanne Switzerland, and author of the bestseller The Halo Effect:

Provocative, irreverent, brash – and very wise.

Don’t be fooled by the informal tone and levity. The ideas here are dead serious – and immensely practical.

Ben and Mark do a wonderful job of cutting through the clutter and challenging conventional thinking.

Their message: Think clearly. Do things differently. And above all, think for yourself.

Excerpts from the Book

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